Cobra Darkspeed Driver Reviews

Cobra Darkspeed Driver Reviews

Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver

Looks & Initial Thoughts

The Cobra Darkspeed Max is designed to be an extremely forgiving club that gives confidence at address and keeps the ball flying straight and maintaining distance even on poorly struck shots. At first look, the clubhead itself is structured in more of a teardrop shape rather than the traditional look. Doing so allows for weight and mass to be redistributed to the back of the clubhead keeping MOI (forgiveness) higher. This club comes with a bigger face and definitely gives me confidence that I should be able to hit a pretty decent shot even on a poorly struck shot. The sole comes with two different weight positions that can be interchangeable including one on the backside of the driver and one sitting towards the heel. The heavier of the two weights put in the heel position increases the draw bias of the clubhead while leaving the heavy weight in the back will give the club higher forgiveness. It comes in a matte black finish on the crown reducing glare and giving it a sleek look.


The clubhead itself is definitely a more forgiving club as I don’t hit shots in the center of the clubhead often. My mishits weren’t nearly as bad and still flying relatively straight and far. The sound is crisp but doesn’t have a super loud metallic sound to it like a more traditional driver. The club felt the heaviest out of the 3 models and I also got the lowest ball speeds out of this one. With that being said, I think the tradeoff of ending up the fairway more often than not and maintaining distance on a mishit is worth the trade off!

Overall, if you’re a golfer that struggles off the tee and really wants a club that gives confidence at address and ends up in the fairway more often than not, this is a good club to add to your bag this season!

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Cobra Darkspeed X

Looks & Initial Thoughts

The Cobra Darkspeed X is the middle of the ground for the Darkspeed lineup being promoted as a blend of lower spin relative to the max while still having a decent amount of forgiveness. The footprint of this clubhead is a lot smaller than the max, but still has a different shape to it relative to the traditional driver look. This clubhead also comes with two different weight ports except instead of the heel, the front port is put right behind the clubface in the middle sole. Leaving the heavy weight in the front port reduces spin and launch (something I definitely don’t need) while leaving it in the back increases forgiveness. Lastly, this clubhead also has the sleek matte black top finish with the whole driver being primarily black.


With this club, I was able to produce slightly higher ball speeds than the max.I felt less confident at address, but I’m a golfer who is missing the center of the face more often than not! The sound is crisp and sounds very similar to the max. It seemed to be easier to shape the ball if I wanted to go that route. The launch and spin was about 1 degree and 150 RPMs lower compared to the Max. I hit this club around 10 yards further as well. 

This club is ideal for a low to mid handicap player that’s looking for extra forgiveness, but still wants to be able to hit a particular shot shape. If you don’t need to lower spin, I would recommend the “X” model as it has forgiveness that you might not benefit from in the “LS” model!

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Cobra Darkspeed LS

Looks & Initial Thoughts

Last, but not least, we have the Darkspeed LS Driver! This club comes as advertised in a very compact shape that takes the look of a traditional driver shape. With three weight ports on the bottom (Back, heel, & toe), this driver is the most customizable of the three and can be set up to a golfer's ideal ball flight. While this clubhead doesn’t give as much confidence at address, it is most easy to shape and you can’t really beat the customization options that it has. It also comes in the matte black look.


As advertised, this clubhead produced the lowest spin and launch relative to the other two models. I was able to produce the highest ball speeds with this club when I struck it in the center of the face. My mishits weren’t as good as the other two clubs, but that was to be expected. If you’re a better player, or even someone with high ball speeds, this is a great club to help keep the ball flighted low to maximize distance and to achieve your desired shot shape. 

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Final Thoughts

This driver lineup holds its own and stacks up well with the best in the industry. Across the board, I noticed that my spin rates were pretty low, so if you want a clubhead that produces less spin, this is a great option. The “Max”, “X”, and “LS” models cover the range of any skill level.

If you’re interested to give them a try and potentially add one to your bag this season, we strongly recommend a Trackman club fitting through our facility! Earn points, get an expert fit, and be confident in your purchase! Sign up below.

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